About me


I’m Ershad, 27, from Iran. I’m the enemy of “you cannot hitchhike in Iran.” I’m gonna not only prove that statement wrong, but also show you guys that this country is the paradise for hitchhikers, adventure travelers, and those who want to deep dive into the unknown and drench themselves into untouched cultures. In this blog I’m gonna let you in on the experiences that Lonely Planet missed in Iran.

So if you are a kind of traveler who does not want to follow the classic route of Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan, Shiraz and Yazd and instead wants to let the road takes them into the depth of lives of Iranians – maybe in a village high in the mountains of Kurdistan, or in the highlands of Gilan, or in the poor neighborhoods of Baluchistan – this is the place for you.

If you are a traveler who does not care about the destination and believes that the journey itself is the destination, you share the same travel taste with me.

If you don’t care about getting lost because you believe that getting lost will help you find yourself, join me, let’s get lost together.

If you don’t care about where you are gonna sleep tonight, or the night after; if you wanna trust in the road the way I’ve done the past two years, Let’s get afloat on these roads together.

If you travel to look instead of seeing, to listen instead of hearing, to touch instead of seeing things behind a showcase, this is the place for your Iranian adventure.

Wanna join me somewhere on the road? Contact me: ershad@sizdahom.com