Another Hitchhiking Surprise: Highlands of Gilan

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Hitchhiking always takes me to the unknown, to the unexpected. It always surprises me and that’s why I’m addicted to it. So after waiting for some 10 minutes on the road a guy gave us a ride and after he found out we have no special destination in mind, he offered us a ride to a small village in the highlands of Gilan, northern Iran. There we met a beautiful, authentic, and untouched-by-technology family. Mr. Khalili’s family were one of the six families that still lived in the village. The fact that Mehdi and Ali were still there was pretty surprising because in these days you can’t find youth living in villages anymore. All of them go to the city in search of a better life.

This family were extremely kind to us. Our gadgets got charged in their house till the morning. They gave us clean warm blankets for spending the freezin’ cold night. For breakfast, they brought us a bowl of Lorde, something like cheese but a bit drier and with a wild taste!

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Ershad Nikkhah
I'm Ershad, 27, from Iran. I'm the enemy of "you cannot hitchhike in Iran." I'm gonna not only prove that statement wrong, but also show you guys that this country is the paradise for hitchhikers, adventure travelers, and those who want to deep dive into the unknown and drench themselves into untouched cultures. In this blog I'm gonna let you in on the experiences that Lonely Planet missed in Iran.

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