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Let me tell you a story about Scarlet. She’s 22. Her name is “Arghavan” but her friends call her Scarlet because Arghavan means Scarlet. I’m just going to tell the story from her own words:

I’m scarlet and I work in a café in Shiraz. My best friend killed herself and till about six months ago I was in a very bad mental state. Recently I went on a hitchhiking trip and it turned me upside down.

My parents would never let me travel but I wasn’t going to let anything get in my way. My mom knew I was travelling, my dad didn’t. When I got back home we started talking which turned into an argument. I told my mom I have found my path in life, that my way lies in travelling. My mom said that then I should leave and find myself a place to live in because I have no place in the house anymore. The only thing I said after that was that I’m fine with it. After ten minutes my mom came to me and held me in her arms. “You’ve really changed.” She said. And I really had changed. If this argument had happened before my trip, I would’ve definitely gone berserk and I’d shatter some stuff at home and made a lot of noise, but I’d reached a certain sense of peace in my life. I traveled and returned a changed man.

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I'm Ershad, 27, from Iran. I'm the enemy of "you cannot hitchhike in Iran." I'm gonna not only prove that statement wrong, but also show you guys that this country is the paradise for hitchhikers, adventure travelers, and those who want to deep dive into the unknown and drench themselves into untouched cultures. In this blog I'm gonna let you in on the experiences that Lonely Planet missed in Iran.

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