We Are the Same Under the Big Old Fig Tree


We were in the realm of Baluchistan, waiting in the road trying to hitch a ride when this car filled with Balouchi people pulled up and out of curiosity (you can’t see a lot of strangers and travelers there) asked if what the heck we were doing in the middle of nowhere, on a silent vacant road like that. We told them we’re just traveling eastwards, with no destination in mind. They were shocked and intrigued at the same time I could see. They left and after 30 minutes waiting there in that road, we saw them back, but this time with enough space for us. They gave us a ride to Ramin, and this old fig tree.

Baluchistan, Iran


This is a chill resort for a lot of Balouchi people to spend their leisured time in. They usually sit around the tree, barbecue some chicken and climb up the hundreds of branches of the tree. They say it’s as old as thousands!

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Ershad Nikkhah
I'm Ershad, 27, from Iran. I'm the enemy of "you cannot hitchhike in Iran." I'm gonna not only prove that statement wrong, but also show you guys that this country is the paradise for hitchhikers, adventure travelers, and those who want to deep dive into the unknown and drench themselves into untouched cultures. In this blog I'm gonna let you in on the experiences that Lonely Planet missed in Iran.

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