Poor but Generous: Baluchistan is Awesome


Baluchistan, south eastern Iran, is not a popular destination for travelers, mainly because it’s hyped as a dangerous area with smugglers and outlaws which might behead strangers and visitors! But we hitchhiked there just to prove it’s not a dangerous place.

Bandar e Jask - Iran

While wandering around the old alleys of Bandar-e-Jask, a young guy invited us over to take some rest in their home. It was a shabby yard with a lot of fodder in the floor for the goats and many kids coming and going from here to there. Three families are living in this house, each in one of those small rooms in every side of the yard. One of the sides were just a wall, made by worn-out fabrics and iron leafs to separate the yard from the neighbor’s. They were poor, but generous. They gave us a place to take a nap for a while and brought us food – rice and fish – without even asking if we are hungry or not. I think historical heritage or touristic spots are not Iran’s flagship for travelers to check out! Deep dive into Iranian life so you can catch a glimpse of their true hospitality. That’s the unique experience you are looking for in this country!


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Ershad Nikkhah
I'm Ershad, 27, from Iran. I'm the enemy of "you cannot hitchhike in Iran." I'm gonna not only prove that statement wrong, but also show you guys that this country is the paradise for hitchhikers, adventure travelers, and those who want to deep dive into the unknown and drench themselves into untouched cultures. In this blog I'm gonna let you in on the experiences that Lonely Planet missed in Iran.

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